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13:14 - 22-01-2015

Blood donation is considered one of the largest-scale voluntary activities; it also attracts the participation of the majority of students and lecturers. “Red drops of blood” are deployed by HUBT Youth Union and Student Association as well as Voluntary Team. This year, "Red drops of blood" witnesses the participation of 2 hot girls in Charming Business 2012, Miss HUBT Nguyen Cam Ly and Top 20 Tran Thi Thuy Ninh.

Cam Ly is making a presentation in the BC.

Thanks to skills and knowledge about blood donation, hot girls are enthusiastic to participate the BC (Be Confident) which has organized by Voluntary Team recently. Monday, 2/12, two hot girls and Advisor Team will propagate students to participate in blood donation on 3 and 4/12 at hall B.

Thuy Ninh is sharing her knowledge about blood donation.

After instructed by Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy, an official of Department of Transportation and Blood Donation Organization, Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion, Cam Ly and Thuy Ninh are able to make presentations about blood donation before 2 Voluntary Teams. It is said that the combination of beauty and intelligence created the irresistible power and the cooperation between hot girls and Voluntary Team will attract many HUBT students.

Mr. Nguyen Quang Huy makes an exciting speech on blood donation.

Cam Ly said "Blood donation is a good deed and I participate in giving blood to help humanity. I am ready for "Red drops of blood, and you?”

“Although I am afraid of being hurt, I participated in blood donation the first time last year. Moreover, I am one of the people in Miss HUBT 2012 participating in blood donation. After being trained about blood donation, I am not scared at all; in contrast, I feel happy because my action helps those who are in need of blood. You know, blood donation saves people's lives. Overcome your fears to help the unfortunate!” said Thuy Ninh.

Blood donation programme of HUBT has contributed to increasing blood supply of blood banks. That "Red drops of blood" this year is successful depends on all of you.

Note that those who want to give blood should have good health. Please feel free to contact support team of "Red drops of blood" for help! For those who are devoting to blood donation campaigns, wish you good health and full of enthusiasm to continue this meaningful work!

Photos of 2 Voluntary Teams in the BC

Tran Nguyet Van Hai
Communications Center


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